Exclusive Fabrics and designs


A curtain arrangement is often the most eye-catching aspect of a room and the feature that gives most scope of creativity.  

Measuring Services


 We offer plenty of expert advice  to help you decide which type of furnishing treatments are best fitted for your needs.  

Different styles of stitching


We also ensure that the "Dressing" of fabric compliments rather than obscure the "architectural" framework 

Curtain and Sofa Fabrics


We offer an excellent collection of all vibrant colors and designs in different quality of  CURTAINS AND SOFA  fabrics which are imported from all over the world. 

Installation-Manual / Motorized


 We have a team of creative as well as skilled employees. We make sure that each order is finished in its estimated time and best quality.  



With one of the country’s largest selections of customised home and hotel furnishings, Reem Furnishings helps people pick the perfect fit at a perfect price. 

 Our wide range of selection combined with agile customer service and convenience offered to our customer is a combination that sets us apart from a lot of our competitors.